LEBOPOLL Logistics offers their customers a wide range of transport services in The European Union. Our differential fleet leads to complex customer service while transporting: fragmentary and full weight objects, goods that require controlled temperature, dangerous goods, consignment transported in pieces, etc.

 We also have a loading warehouse with a space of 1000m2 available for the customers.

The transport services are performed in accordance to the CMR Convention. The OCP insurance secures the goods for EUR 300 000 for each incident.

The Modern Machinery led to a delivery system called “Just in time”. It also minimizes delays caused by the fleet’s failure. The trucks are equipped with a GPS system, which lets us control and locate our fleet all over the European Union area.

 Our company usually works with countries from the West side of Europe such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal. As well as countries from the South part of Europe such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy.

You are welcome to work with us.

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